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Advice-Sugestions PLEASE!! what exhaust?

rickydale300256 Mar 2, 2010

  1. rickydale300256

    rickydale300256 s4 2.8 quattro

    I have a A4 97 2.8 v6 quattro looking for a exhaust on a budget an looking for some advice/sugestions. Should i get a cat back or just a new back box? decat/not decat? just realy want it so it has a nice note to compliment the v6 dont want utter chav cherry bomb style no no!, just a nice little rumble the kind that makes you go mmmmm!!! :hubbahubba:
    budget about £200 but lower if posible, times are hard on the car mod front lol.

    Thanx all any input appriciated
  2. Foxmeister

    Foxmeister Fired Up!

    For the budget you say, id go for either just the backbox or a half system. If its not for performance reasons i wouldnt bother with de-cat and it'll also be an issue at mot time so not worth the hassle for just noise. As for kind of exhaust, try find a local custom stainless manufacturer, a good rear box will be from £100-£140 with choice of tailpipe designs and a good bit more grumble that your looking for.

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