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Advice required.

imported_G4JSG May 27, 2006

  1. imported_G4JSG

    imported_G4JSG Guest

    I am selling my 02 plate 2.5TDi 180 Quattro sport tiptronic with quattro full body kit, leather, cruise, DIS, DVD MMI, bluetooth phone kit, bose, privacy tints, 40k miles, FASH, T&T until Oct this year and want to know what it's worth. the base model is £14500 but as it has the body kit, leather, DIS and cruise and the DVD MMI with bluetooth and privacy glass it's not just the standard spec.

    My 2nd question is that it has finance owing on it and I have decided not to trade my car in but to sell private and wanted to know if any of you have ever bought or sold a car with finance and wondered how you and the other party dealt with buying the car and paying off the finance in one go so everything was done right. Would I get the buyer to pay the finance company the outstanding amount, then when it's been cleared the buyer pays me the rest of the cars price and then can take my car away? Or would you think it was OK for the buyer to pay me the asking price for the car and I pay off the finance and then show him it's cleared after I get confirmation from the finance company?

    Thanks for your help. If you are interested in the car I will be giving it a good valet today and then will be posting some pics tomorrow of the entire car.

  2. trekbiker

    trekbiker Member


    from previous 'buying' experience, the best route is:-

    1. get your sttlement figure- for example £16750
    2. agree price from buyer- for example £14750
    3.when buyer turns up to take car next day(or whenever), he brings a draft payable to 'ABC Finance'
    4. you provide a bankers draft for the outstanding £2k
    5. you both then place the cheques in an envelope with covering letter and place it in a post box together.
    6. Seller happy - finance cleared
    7. buyer happy- driving a finance cleared car

    There are possibly easier ways to do it with modern technology, but i have done it this way many times over the years

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