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Advice please on adjustable tie bars / arms

Discussion in 'A3/S3 Forum (8L Chassis)' started by rgb8888, May 6, 2006.

  1. rgb8888

    rgb8888 New Member

    Dec 28, 2005
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    I took my 2002 S3 to a specialist in 4 wheel alignment today and would appreciate some advice please - technical knowledge on this is a bit limited!

    Report revealed
    Initial settings were:
    Caster Left 7°27'
    Caster Right 7°21'
    Camber Left - 0°37'
    Camber Right - 0.41'
    Toe Left 1.0
    Toe Right 0.8
    Total 1.8

    Camber Left -1°32'
    Camber Right -1°44'
    Toe Left 2.3
    Toe Right 1.1
    Total 3.4

    Final settings (until I go back with adjustable tie arms)
    Caster Left 7°32'
    Caster Right 7°37'
    Camber Left - 0°35'
    Camber Right - 0.42'
    Toe Left 0.4
    Toe Right 0.4
    Total 0.8

    Camber Left -1°38'
    Camber Right -1°50'
    Toe Left 3.0
    Toe Right 1.2
    Total 4.2

    The front caused no problems with him achieving desired settings but it was impossible to get the correct factory settings on the rear and infact my new rear tyres look like they are slighly wearing more on the edge.

    From what I understood the desired Camber could not be adjusted or achieved due to the fixed tie arms and the Toe could not reach the desired position as the bolt was already at the extreme of the slotted section providing the adjustment - thus stopping the wheels being moved outwards.

    He suggested that I invest in some adjustable tie arms and whilst fitting these he would get an engineer to re-machine the slots to enable the correct position to be achieved.

    I was only charged for the front settings and he suggested I investigate the best adjustable tie arms and rebook it in for a 2nd appointment to get it spot on.

    He suggested redoing the 4 wheel alignment after fitting the rear adjustable tie arms and the re-machined "slotted bits" and he will charge approx £100 labour for the re-machining and fitting new arms and redoing all 4 wheels.

    Could someone please advise as to the best solution (i.e.. which ones to go for and from where) and is it really worth doing? - I was told that it would feel a bit crisper and "lighter"

    Thanks in advance for your help

  2. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Jun 17, 2003
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    Is your S3 lowered?

    If so then you MAY have slightly uneven wear without fitting adjustable tie bars...I don't even though I'm lowered.

    If it's not lowered then your tyre wear should be ok with the standard settings.

    In my opinion (with the only experience of my car) I'm not bothering with the adjustable tie bars as I don't need them!
  3. rgb8888

    rgb8888 New Member

    Dec 28, 2005
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    No the car is on standard suspension, but it seems I cannot get the desired settings without some tweaks including tie arms / bars and some remachining to the slotted section

    It looks like the tie arms are between £275-£299 and then another £100 labour for fitti ng and re-machining the slotted parts.
    Just not sure if it is worth it - as it is difficult to see (and somewhat frustrating) why I need to spend such time, effort and £ getting factory settings which are impossible to achieve by what is provided from the factory!

    Are my settings at the rear typical?


  4. MattS3

    MattS3 Active Member

    Jul 27, 2005
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    So is the general consensus that these are only a worthwhile mod if the car is lowered, or is there a benefit to the standard car in terms of a handling improvement if fitted ?


    (sorry to jump on thread, but may be interested in spending a few £'s on this too if a worthwhile mod)

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