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Advice on wiring H.I.Ds into xenons

johal87 Aug 26, 2009

  1. johal87

    johal87 Member

    Hi all i need some advice on some one whos very good with electrics!

    i have a set of xenons with no bulbs, balasts or ignitors.

    however i have a set of h.i.ds which i know will work but i dont quite know how.

    the wire i have found is a plug, and must connect to the ignitor, this has three wires. red, black and green, were as a normal a3 headlamp just has a red and black connection i think its the spade type, instead of a plug.

    the h.i.d kit, is catered for the normal a3 headlamp, and thus has the red and black spade type connection.

    what do i need to do? is it a simple case of cutting the wires and soldering the spade type connections on, but were would the green wire go? and thats the use of it?

    do i need to blend the green wire into the red or black?

    anyother advice would be great, thanks
  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    TBH, my advice would be dont. I'd buy the correct OEM parts for your lights (I assume they are OEM?). Check ebay, especially german ebay as the parts do come up from time to time.

    Has the HID kit been proven safe with your wiper motor?

    I had Xenons on my old 8L A3 - off of an S3. I wired the positive to them straight to the battery via a fuse & a relay. The relay was controlled by the 12v supply that the headlights normally used to switch the headlight dip beam on. This activated the power to the xenon lights from the battery. This avoided any spike of current through the car light switch.

    As for your wiring, i really dont know what is what without seeing it & using a multi-meter, sorry.
  3. johal87

    johal87 Member

    Yes mate they are OEM

    well the problem is the cars in repair now, and im not going buy these parts from audi, simply because they are very expensive from there and would be pointless, however if these parts come up on ebay as time goes i would buy them and fit them over, thats not a problem, i totally agree with you that OEM is better, and yes the wiper motor remained working as these are from my previous a3.

    the reason for the HIDS is simply "just for now" as cutting the wires and puttings spades on is simple, and putting the plug back is simple.. so its easy to go to and from once i have the parts, i will try and get some pictures up later on.
  4. Gryphon001

    Gryphon001 Active Member

    Definitely suggest getting the OEM stuff too... look around for OEM parts on line somewhere other than Audi. You can usually find a decent price on them, but expect it to still be a fair bit more than an HID kit. The only kits I have ever heard of not blowing the wipers at some point in time were the VVME and RetroSolutions Digital kits.
  5. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I wouldnt touch aftermarket lights on an 8P because of the issues with wiper motors, even people with relay kits have had problems, oem is your best & at end of day interms of fitment, overall cost & compatibility with the car for beam control & future mot tests that might check the headlight systems as effectively aftermrket HIDs are illegal.
  6. fsi2.0

    fsi2.0 New Member

    dont do it mate, it will eventually get your wiper motor. think i am the latest victim, new motors 170 quid and that was with ebay capacitors fitted. sod the fact hid's are illegal its gonna hurt your pocket.
  7. Gryphon001

    Gryphon001 Active Member

    Ok... maybe a dumb question but did your car come with xenons or did you just get hold of a set of housings?

    Here is what my experience and research on HID kits has taught me... (full disclaimer, I might well be talking out of my Ar$$e here...)

    -It's not the wiper 'motor' that blows... there is a computer module built into the motor that gets fried by some of the power spikes caused by HID kits.

    -Audi now knows about this issue and may not replace you motor under warranty if they know you have an HID kit.

    -Most 55W kits will blow you wiper motor.

    -Most(but not all) 35W kits will eventually blow you wiper motor.

    -Digital ballast HID kits (i.e.: Retro Solutions kits) stand a much better chance of not blowing your wiper motor.

    -I have yet to find anyone who has ran the Retro Solutions kit who has had a blown motor and I have spoken to ppl who have had them for 2.5 years +...

    -It has come to my attention that recoding your light settings via VagCom may reduce your chances of a blown motor. I have just had it done today and that alone took away a minor flickering issue from my lights. When I would run my highbeams the left light would flicker very faintly. After changing the light from 'halogen lights' to 'xenon lights with halogen highbeams' the flickering went away. I believe it was Byte 21 from 11 which is halogen to 12 which is xenon... 13 is bi-xenon, I don't think you want to touch that one.

    -Another suggestion is the CanBus module.

    -Neither of the last two above mentioned methods have been guaranteed to prevent you blowing you wiper motor however. So the bottom line is you are gambling one way or the other with the wiper motor and you are better off sticking to OEM. Even if you have to wait a bit for the parts.

    If anyone knows something I don't about the issue or knows something I mentioned is blatantly false... please say something, I want to hear about it. This is probably the only issue with my car that has been making my hair turn gray prematurely and I would love to find a true solution to the problem.

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