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Advice on tyres. Please.

grumpytraveller Sep 13, 2013

  1. grumpytraveller

    grumpytraveller New Member

    I've a 08 plate. Registered jan 09. A3 2.0 tdi. 140bhp
    Back two still have original Pirelli tyres on. Put two cheap ones in jan this year. Only done 25.000 miles.
    Deleted size from notes, so sorry can't remember size.
    Still few miles left in them. But thinking of getting 4 new ones for winter.
    Should I stick to Pirelli ?, or can anyone recommend a good tyre. Not wanting cheap ones. Mate said should not have cheap ones on car. Worse as its front two and all weight on front.
    Any help gratefully appreciated. Sorry about lack of info.
  2. DomH

    DomH Active Member Audi S1

    If you don't mind forking out, Conti 5, Michelin PS3 and Goodyear F1 are the best choices and will last the longest/give you best grip. You get what you pay for when it comes to tyres, not worth scrimping on them as they keep you on the road
  3. grumpytraveller

    grumpytraveller New Member

    I don't mind forking out. The cheap ones, was just to get mot.
    Thanks for the answer. Is that in order of preference ?, which would you say is best. I've heard Goodyear is good in the wet.
    When I look at tyre sites. I get a bit confused. So would rather take advice from here.
    Thanks again.
  4. DomH

    DomH Active Member Audi S1

    I think all round the Goodyear is probably the best performer, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 is the one you want! I don't personally have any of those three brands so I can't comment on which is definitely the best, my A3 only has cheapies on right now but after winter I will probably go for a brand new set of the Goodyears
  5. grumpytraveller

    grumpytraveller New Member

    That's great. Once again. Thanks very much. Just away to google now.
    Have a good night. Thanks
  6. G19rnt

    G19rnt Member

    I personally only use Michelin my a3 came with them and I've found them to last very well and haven't had any trouble with grip i never touch cheap tyres as i bought a new set if lenso alloys a few years ago when I had my Mini Cooper which were fitted with cheap tyres and they were awful they would wheelspin whilst driving normal in the wet and the road noise would drive anyone mad so since then I've always used a decent brand I would recommend tyre traders .com I find them to be very reasonably priced and I've used them a good few times with no problems
  7. gixerson

    gixerson Member

    Toyo T1-S here.

    Sidewall is a little softer than the Michelin Pilot sports i replaced, so you do lose a little responsiveness.
    It's more than made up for by the way the tyre shirks off minor bumps and undulations and the fantastic levels of grip though.

    Paid 550 euros for 4, they're 225/40 ZR18's

    Only downside i've found so far is that they need a good 500 miles to wear in.
    Every tyre you buy will not grip well straight out the box, be it the release compound they use in the manufactorer or a few heat cycles to get the tyre performing, they all need a few miles.
    Never had one that's needed as many miles as the T1-S's yet though.

    Still great tyre at a decent price i recon
  8. shady-ninja

    shady-ninja Active Member

    in that case get fulrun or wanli tyres. they are cheap and will get you through an mot.
  9. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    I've tried most brands over the years and have never found anything that gets close to the Good Year F1 Assymetrics, they are fantastic in both dry and wet conditions. If I had one criticism it would be they may not last quite as long as some of the other brands, small price to pay though.

  10. Alexthekidd54

    Alexthekidd54 New Member

    I have Goodyear Efficient Grip on and they seem to be pretty good, they are rated quite highly off people who use them and I am more in it for the fuel economy and the tyre noise. I suppose everybody has their own opinion on what is the best tyre though.
  11. sliced

    sliced Drive safe, stay alive.

    Have ps3's - awesome grip

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