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Advice on steering prob needed

a6george Sep 7, 2010

  1. a6george

    a6george Member

    well the first thing I nead to know is, is the power steering progresive to speed, ie firmer at speed, because my steering at speeds over 45mph could be described as stuck, it moves but wont self center and feels notchy, but around the streets and back lanes still feels heavy but will self center ish. now as you know i have recently bought the car and the wheels wernt the best, well tonite i fitted another set and the car feels a bit better and i noticed the tyres that came off had uneven wear, especially one front that the inside edge corner was worn off completely, and 3 different tyre makes so think last owner has been fitting part worns. I also noticed track rod ends are all new so I am thinking if power steering is not progresive with speed but my problem is, is this just a case of getting a good 4 wheel alignment done and I am also planning to drain power steering fluid and renewal, just in case this is that old its breaking down. sorry for the long winded post but to much info is better than to less. its a 1999 A6 4.2 quattro. any input or advice please as i nead this sorting because at motorway speeds last night, on a 200 mile round trip to pick up wheels, it wasnt a pleasure to drive.
    Regards George
  2. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    For sake of 50quid is get geom checked out first

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