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Advice on new purchase

B5 BIKER Jul 16, 2013

  1. B5 BIKER

    B5 BIKER Member

    Hi all,
    im currently a b5 a4 avant owner and contemplating a change.
    im looking at a 1.9tdi 130bhp 6 speed avant with 169k miles
    it is a December 2002 model s-line with a full service history, full black leather and lots of other extras
    Im just looking for any advice on things to watch out for, although I have to admit to being a bit sweet on it aalready
    the guy is asking for 3100 pounds for the car but has admitted he may drop a few qquid
    many help would be appreciated, cheers
  2. mrnice

    mrnice Member

    I bought a 2001 avant se with the same engine as yours a year ago. I was new to both audis and diesels at the time but the car has brought me up to speed in the last year!

    I'd do the usual used car checks- test absolutely everything including all toys, aircon etc etc and do a thorough test drive,
    do a fault scan if you or a friend have vcds, check service history thoroughly- cambelt changes, correct PD oil changes, hopefully not long-life servicing!

    You might be familiar with the water ingress problems associated with many audis (maybe the same on A4's?)- flooding plenum chamber under battery tray due to blocked drain holes and water hose for rear washer bursting, both can lead to flooding under carpet and soaking various expensive control modules (particularly ccm under front passenger seat).
    All manner of weird electrical faults can be explained by a flooded CCM.

    Aircon compressors can fail and/or the compressor pulley and condenser cooling fan can burn out.

    EGRs gunk up and likely don't function properly any more at that mileage unless they've been thoroughly cleaned or replaced, can cause a little hicup in acceleration around 2000rpm like mine had.

    Coolant temp sensors go bad giving weird readings and messing up fuel economy.

    Rear wiper motor may need a rebuild (see above). Kit is readily available from audi and not dear (can't remember what I paid, maybe £40).

    Replacing front suspension links and even track rod ends can be murder to replace due to seized pinch bolts (either causing you huge grief or lots of cash on mechanic's labour).

    £3k seems on the high side to me even with the nice spec of the car but perhaps it has been cared for and loved (unlike mine, which had been evidently used as a refuse truck), in which case you're likely to save a bit in the following few years.

    I'm sure someone more savvy than me will have more advice,

    good luck!
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  3. B5 BIKER

    B5 BIKER Member

    Cheers for your help
    seems like a lot of the same issues as the a4 ( to be expected I suppose)
    definetely seems to have been a loved car as the service history is all main dealer, and had the gearbox reconditioned.
    leather and the body work is impeccable, but I suppose a test drive is the real test.
    thanks for your help and advice
  4. gen.heinz guderian

    gen.heinz guderian Well-Known Member

    at that mileage clutch and DMF will need doing as well.
  5. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    TBH it's a big **** A4 , front susp the same, the rear is a cross of 2wd a4 and passat IIRC. Other than that watch the normal stuff, belts, oils. filters, have they been done. 3k sounds top money for that car, gotta be worth going in with a low ball 2k odd offer given it's age and potential problems
  6. B5 BIKER

    B5 BIKER Member

    I was too late, it was snapped up before I got to look at it.
    they seem to be making some big money on all the sites I have looked at.
    can anyone recommend any decent dealers around the north west.
    i will be travelling from Ireland so don't want to have to go anymore than 2 hours from hollyhead.
    i have been watching auto trader and piston heads, is there any other site worth watching ?

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