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Advice on AWE Exhausts... or any exhaust recommendations!

AdamZA Jun 20, 2014

  1. AdamZA

    AdamZA Well-Known Member Team Sepang Audi RS7 quattro

    Hey guys,

    Thinking about an exhaust at some point after my new S5 arrives - I know many of you will be more knowledgeable than me on this subject...

    I was having a look at the Capristo exhaust as it sounds decent and has a flap in the exhaust tips to switch between quiet and loud modes. Also noticed that Akraprovic do something similar as do Armytrix.

    I was contacting a Revo installer about a remap and they recommended AWE. I know they don't have any kind of quiet/loud mode but I'm just wondering what you all think of them as well as any of the ones I mentioned above.

    If you have any other recommendations then please fire away - I know very little about exhaust systems. All I know is apparently Milltek aren't worth the money and that's about it!

    I'd love to have an exhaust which runs nice and not too loud in normal driving modes but when switching to Dynamic/Sport mode it transforms. Wonder if there is a way to get a system to play nicely with the drive select?

    Anyway, any advice is welcome please!


  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    just go full custom
  3. AdamZA

    AdamZA Well-Known Member Team Sepang Audi RS7 quattro

    Ah but I don't know what 'full custom' means!

    Do you mean with downpipes etc? If so, I still have no idea what brand.
  4. Mokeylock

    Mokeylock Member


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