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Advice on an 2.0 TDI A4 S Line Multitronic purchase

elwappo Apr 13, 2013

  1. elwappo

    elwappo New Member

    Hi all,
    completely new here and imagined it's best to get the thoughts of some owners here, so here goes...

    Thinking of buying a 10 plate 2.0 TDI, white S Line, multitronic, A4 from a main dealership. 35k on the clock, in great condition (a few minor bonnet/bumper chips which I noticed, and the dealer instantly said he'd have fixed in the body shop).

    It's up for £18k and he offered me £7k for my 57 plate Civic Type R GT which has sat nav, voice and bluetooth (£500 above part ex, and basically dealership price - it's in excellent condition and will resell no problem). Told him straight away the A4 is only worth £17.2k according to Parkers and so we're £300 shy I reckon of a possible deal (he knew I wasn't up for playing with or ripping off). Going in late tomorrow for a test drive as I've not driven one.

    Any pitfalls or advice on this model? Heard they're a bit harder on the drive compared to normal models, but I'm used to firm ride in the Type R! Am I daft for trading in my pocket rocket which hasn't given me a days trouble, puts a smile on my face with an insane whine of 9000RPM?! Obviously I'm looking for something more practical, cheaper to fuel and insure, yet is fun, refined and is a bit special.

    Any advice appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Can't comment on this model Audi, as I've never driven one! But if you want something that's fun, I'm afraid you might be disappointed! Don't get me wrong, the Audi is a fine machine, well built, quality interior and looks good on your drive, but as a driving machine, it's going to be a dull one after a VTEC engine! :racer:
  3. elwappo

    elwappo New Member

    Thanks jojo. I'm willing to sacrifice watching the fuel needle moving with the Type R to something that's more refined, handles well and looks good! I was considering a Merc C220 or C350 as a first choice, but would now only consider the new face lifted model against the A4 S Line. I'm not expecting Type R madness, just looking for advice on the car and if I should take the plunge. The girlfriend has an '09 A3 1.9TDI which feels and drives fab. Hence my teetering towards the A4.
  4. dieseldoos

    dieseldoos Active Member VCDS Map User

    I brought mine last September. I was looking at either an S5 or S4, but after my misses questioning if we really needed it I settled on the S-Line A4.

    Mine is the 2.0 TDI, with full S-Line suspension and lots of extras including Sat Nav.

    I was advised that they were a bit boring to drive, but personally I love mine. It feels nice behind the wheel, is good on fuel ( allthough we did have a Range Rover!), and its not that bumpy (allthough a little harsher).

    I did not have the ADS feature, but since enabling it with VCDS and controlling it via MMI you can tighten the steering slightly, and make the engine slightly more responsive.

    Its certainly not the same as a rapid drive in an S4, S5 or RS5, but for an everyday car it should be good on the pocket, I love mine.

    Sounds like the one your looking at is full Audi History (mine currently is), which is good. (I am planning on using a very good local indie).

    I know they can get the steeringwheel judder when turning, and clutch problems (which you wont have on an auto), and again the oil consumption (which seems to be certain petrol versions).

    it has got a DPF but unless your doing short journeys all the time, that shouldnt cause trouble.

    I have not regretted buying mine.

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