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Advice needed -

NZChoppa May 11, 2014

  1. NZChoppa

    NZChoppa New Member

    Hi all,

    I posted a while ago regarding some starting issues for my 2001 8L S3 - these are not yet resolved, but replacing fuel pump soon so will see how that goes.

    BUT - I have what seems to be a sound like a knocking or wearing noise seeming to come from the front wheels - its intermittent and generally happens when turning. From forums, it seems that it could be related to the power steering. I have checked bearings and replaced front right (which was causing a similar noise - which has not stopped).

    Previous to this, the gearbox failed -the Euro workshop i took it to replaced the gear box (and clutch), but, apparently, repositioned the power steering hoses for the reason that it was too difficult to route them back they way they were. I have also noticed that they waaaaayyyyyyy overfilled the res (there was excess all over that area of the engine bay). The fluid is a reddy colour, and not the greenyish G004000 i thought they would put back in.

    Could I be right in thinking that the noise i'm hearing is hot helped by the wrong fluid, overfill, re-routed hoses, and possibly due to cavitation in the pump??? I am thinking the best thing to do at this stage is to flush the red **** out and replace with the proper fluid and check for air leaks?

    Everything was sounding fine prior to the gearbox being replaced.

    Any advice/comments on this would be much appreciated. I have scoured the forums and seems its either PS or haldex - how would i check to see if it was haldex?

    Cheers guys, beers on me if you ever come by Perth.

  2. MarkS_S3

    MarkS_S3 Member

    I had a knocking coming from the front of my car that was also a little worse when turning and it turned out to be a leaking shock absorber. I don't know if it's possibly what's going on with yours if you have all those other things to look at but could be worth checking out?
  3. rupe

    rupe A3 TQS In Devon

    Get that red generic fluid out and replace with the proper audi stuff as it will kill the seals long term otherwise, working the steering lock to lock multiple times with the reservoir cap off will get any air out of the system.

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