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advice needed

lnewland Aug 18, 2011

  1. lnewland

    lnewland Member

    Hey all, i brought my 1.8t sport at the beginning of July from a garage in Farnborough (2 hours from where i live).

    i phoned the garage and spoke to them about the car as it wasnt easy for me to just pop down and have a look. they advised me that it was mechanicsally sound however the roof rails had some bubbling and one of the wings and the bonnet had been keyed. these issues didnt bother me as i can get bodywork and paintwork done cheap enough. i explained to the garage that i was looking at coming upo the following day to buy it and paid a deposit over the phone there and then. the manger sounded very genuine and spent a good 25 minutes on the phone talking me through the car and history.

    well the following day i made the journey up there and the car was as described. paid for it and drove it away. it wasnt long before i noticed that the car wasnt fitted with climate control where as it was listed in the advert as having it. then 30 mins into the journey im travelling down the outside lane of the M25 and everything dies on me and i had to fight to get across to the hard shoulder. god knows how i wasnt hit.

    phoned RAC and they arrived and it turned out to be the alternator was ******ed, next bit of bad news my recover only covered me for 10 miles so £147 later to the recovery company and i arrive at home. get the car on the drive and have a good close inspection of the car. turns out the spare wheel has a blow out in the tyre so not legal to be used on the road. by now its 8pm.

    spent the sunday shopping around on the net for the cheapest place for an alternator which was euro car parts at £144 if i gave thenm the old unit. monday came and i phoned the garage and spoke with the manager, i explained the issues, he said that he would cover ther cost of a new alternator and that all i need to do was send him a copy of the reciept. so out i went and got the new alternator and fitted it my self. great car up and running again and reciept sent off. gave it a few days and heard nothing so i phoned them up and it was confirmed that they had recived the recipet how ever the female i spoke to was the daughter of the manager who she stated had now gone on holiday and could not do anything until she had confirmed it with him that she was to send a cheque out.

    gave it a few more days and a phone call was made again and same excuse. this went on for two weeks. tried again on third week and get told that he is not available so i sent an email so that it was recoreded that i had made contact to then get a response that he is currently having some personal issues (oh how did i know that that was going to come) so i responded with and email stating that 5 weeks to wait for a cheque was unacceptable and i would be expecting a response within a week and yet nothing. is there anything i can do as the car was clearly sold to me with these faults and yet they state that their cars go through a multi point check before sale
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  2. jay1601

    jay1601 Well-Known Member

    bubble on the roof rails seems to be a very common problems. i personally wouldn't worry about them unless they do get worse
  3. lnewland

    lnewland Member

    as i say im not bothered about the body/paint work its the other bits especially as it seems they r now avoiding paying
  4. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    Mention trading standards / watch dog / small claims etc. Might shapren them up a bit.

    What multi point check does there car go through? Stevie Wonder or Roy Orbison?! Might be worth finding out who does it. Very often they get a multi point check certification and the checking agent only spot checks vehicles on the days they turn up. The rest is up to the garage to ensure all cars are up to standard. Even Audi's own MPC's don't stand for much, hence why an AA / RAC inspection (paid for independently) can often be worth its weight in gold.
  5. sportquattro

    sportquattro Active Member

    As said previously, quote the sale of goods act saying the car was not of merchantable quality and nor was it as described if it didnt have climate control, i think if you pushed it you could chuck it back at them and get a full refund, but hoopefully mention of trading standard etc willl get you the dough for the alternator. Its probably worth getting a Audi specialist to check the car out for other issues ASAP so if anything else is amiss you can get the seller to pay for it (hopefully)
  6. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Not fit for purpose....good clout in trading standards eyes, plus you paid for it without seeing it so distance selling regs come into play?
  7. SunnyB

    SunnyB Member


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