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ADVICE NEEDED - What would you do?

max69vk Mar 19, 2013

  1. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    Long story short, decided to get my wheels refurbished, negotiated a price, they came collected them 'refurbished' them & bought them back. This is where the problems started...

    When they were taken away I was told that the finish I wanted could be difficult to achieve, however having seen pictiures of previous jobs of the same colour (nearest to standard they did) I was happy if they came back 99% perfect. The wheels were to be stripped, blasted, powder coated, & then wet painted on top.

    When the wheel have come back I'd barely say they were a 60% job let alone 90%, corrosion not fully taken out of the wheels (even though it was quite minor), the silver top coat was varying degrees of orange peel & 'siliconed' in places, the lacquer has bits of crud & even hairs in it! basically worse than mobile 'bodge jobs' I've had done in the past.

    When I pointed this out I was told:

    THEM: What did you expect, they're old wheels.
    ME: I expected better than this, otherwise whats the point in refurbing them?

    THEM: The imperfections in the top paint were due to the corrosion in the wheels.
    ME: The same corrosion you supposedly removed by dipping then blasting the wheels before powdercoat & paint?

    THEM: The marks (pointing at the silicons) were caused by the corrosion.
    ME: Actually they're caused by not degreasing the wheel before spraying the wet coat, also how do you explain the lumps of crud I can see & feel with my fingers & the hairs in the lacquer too?

    THEM: Traders would be happy with that.
    ME: I'm not a trader, its my car to keep. Not tosh over & get rid of.

    THEM: Do you know what you're talking about?
    ME: Yes, Im trained as a sprayer & I've done powder coating before, hence me knowing what I'm looking at.

    THEM: Are you taking them or not, I'm busy & haven't got time to waste!

    I then go to look a couple of the wheels again, & when my back is turned they unload the other pair of wheels, get in the van & shout at me 'Keep 'em if you think you can do a better f**cking job in your shed, dont bother f**cking contacting us again', & then they drove off!

    I hadn't even paid for them, been given the option to re-do them, or negotiate the price based on the work done!

    Obviously under the circumstances I'm not happy with the work, & I certainly dont want them touching them again after everything thats happened. However I'm wondering where this leaves me with regards to paying, I haven't paid anything so far & they were the ones that drove off without taking anything, but I dont want any come-backs either!

    What would you do?

    Below are some pics taken on a **** camera phone of some of the marks on one wheel (which actually makes them look a 1000 x better than they are)...


    Last edited: Mar 19, 2013
  2. Cruiser89

    Cruiser89 Advanced In Car Tech Site Sponsor

    I think the fact they didn't ask you paying is an admission of guilt to be honest...

    I wouldn't worry about it and get N8 to sort you out! Some of his work is quite exceptional!
  3. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    To be fair Im more gobsmacked at the whole situation rather than the job itself, it's a poor finish thats obvious from the pictures, I just wasnt sure if it left me in any kind of monetary/legal position having received the goods & not paid for them?!
  4. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    i think you have just scored a free wheel refurb mate! judging by the tale you have just told!
    i would not worry too much about paying either!
    if they do come asking, just threaten them with a case for a small claims court!
    in the mean time, enjoy your freebie! :cool:
    wait a few weeks for the dust to settle then go get them done elsewhere!
    there are plenty places around!
  5. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    True, not sure what I could threaten them with (with regards to the small claims court) & thankfully they didn't come to my home address to collect or deliver.

    Despite the work I saw, which convinced me to use them, it seems they may have employed a slight name change as there's been a few cases of unhappy customer going back over the years using their other name. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, hopefully this will give others a heads-up....

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    Last edited: Mar 19, 2013
  6. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member Team Ibis VCDS Map User Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Dont pay as they have blatantly done a gash job and were in no hurry to charge you for them. Free refurb IMO which is probably better than what you had so you win.
  7. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    I'd be glad they gave me the rest of my wheels back and that I did not have to pay them. Then I would report them to Trading Standards and get advice from them. The Duty Worker at your local Trading Standards can help and make a note on file of the business. I would write to local newspapers. Go on a forum and make a thread about it... then I would take my money elsewhere and have a proper job done. That's all I can say about that.

    What you don't want... is that you have them repaired elsewhere and the scum bags say that you did not pay them for services... so I would consider leaving them be or seeking advice from trading standards on that too. May report them to the office of fair trading too.
  8. Cruiser89

    Cruiser89 Advanced In Car Tech Site Sponsor

    Some good advice there!
  9. SAiLO

    SAiLO Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Poor finish on the wheels and even poorer customer service. At least you did not have to pay mate.
  10. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    If they dont have your address theres not much they can really do, just log the events as you have incase of any comebacks?
    The way the painter acted sounds to me like several people have refused to pay, and he wasnt prepared to go through it all again with you. Maybe you could report the verbal assault?!
  11. southylad

    southylad Active Member

    do nothing else mate thats it as far as i would be concernd
  12. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    Don't worry, I've already tried contacting Trading Standards today but unsurprisingly they were busy so I'll give them another go tomorrow for some advice.

    As for getting the wheels back, I'm glad I did but that was more down to judgement than luck as there's no way I'd pay for work like this without seeing it first. Had I of paid by card over the phone before seeing them I'd be doubly screwing. I'm baffled how rather than spending 5 minutes talking about the problems, how to rectify them, they'd rather get abusive & throw there toys out of the pram.

    At no point was I rude, or offensive, & had to bite my tongue the whole time. It's actually turned out the person who dropped the wheels off is the person who runs the company. Nice way to promote your business!

    I've just had another look at the wheels are bad on the back too as there is literally sweet FA paint or lacquer to seal them & just looks like plain powder coat primer.

  13. amit87

    amit87 Active Member

    wow that is a poor job!! I have the standard 5 spoke sport alloys (not sline chuncky 5 spoke) on a 55plate car, all had loads of curbing when I got the car and big chunks out the spokes etc. I paid £140-£160 (cant remember exactly) for all 4 to be done back to standard colour/finish (had option to do anything, two tone, etc etc but I wanted to keep car standard)

    Anyways MINT job!! He was a mobile guy (not very mobile as he leaves his van parked up on one site so had to go to him) and wow!! soo impressed, no evidence that they ever had like 2-3mm deep scuffs in them or anything, factory perfect!!

    If he drove off without payment, forget about it now, he drove off, dont worry about contacting trading standards or anything, if he had taken money and refused to refund or come to agreement then it would be worth spending your time ringing trading standards.

    I had my wheels done in half a day!! Im in milton keynes if you want the guys number? PM me if you are interested.

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