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Advice needed please

r1ck123 Sep 2, 2008

  1. r1ck123

    r1ck123 Member

    I have a '07 2.0l tdi 170 dpf dsg.
    I have been suffering on and off with the 'tractor noise' so put it down to the dpf regenorating it self. Livable! But my climate control packed in recently (econ light stuck on all the time) so booked it into the stealers (chester Audi). I took the oppertunity to report the 'tractor noise'. After have the a/c re-gased under warranty, they reported they could find no fault with regard to the tractor noise but said that they updated the ecu with a factory recall remap.
    I am now suffering from a massive reduction in MPG (a trip to work is 5 mile, 40 mph limit, with 12 set's of traffic light's normaly getting 45 mpg) since the stealers update i'm struggling to get 35 mpg (scary!!) it also feel's way below 170's power. Before I go back to them,
    Has anyone had anything done remotely similar recently?
    Your help/advice would be greatfully appreciated.
    P.S. sorry for the life story!!

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