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advice needed please

theitalian3 Dec 10, 2006

  1. theitalian3

    theitalian3 Member

    ok this is the basic story

    got the audi with the airbag light on, guy who i bought i from said it came on after a 'bump'

    anyway after getting a vag-com which said it was the 'memory control module failure' i sourced a place in germany which i would send my control module (found under the asktray/storage compartment behind all the plastics) they would take my code off, reset the module and put my code back on, hence get rid of the airbag light

    however one of my mates who's a mechanic said he had an audi in, the airbag light was on in his car, he checked under the driver seat and the airbag cable (orange one) was disconnected on the drivers siede only

    so off i went to check mine and low and behold, mine is disconnected as well. now on a side note my lumber support has never worked on the driver side since i got it, but once i plugged it in the lumber support suddenly worked.

    the airbag light didnt go off :keule:

    so now im completely confused. can anyone give me an impartial advice on what the hell is goin on, and why my driver side airbag cable was unplugged in the first place

    many thanks
  2. buckas

    buckas Member

    lumbar support works fine on mine, but i get this airbag light thing aswell, but only now and again, and only when i
    swing the passenger seat forwards and back down again, like the connection's **** or something - it goes out after a minute of driving though

    have you checked the passenger seat connection aswell?

    also where's the cable - haven't had a proper look yet, lol
  3. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    for some reason this plug is prone to coming loose. It was most probably caused by the 'bump' the previous owner described.

    Unfortunately, once the light is on, it stays on till it's been reset with a scan-tool like vag-com.
  4. theitalian3

    theitalian3 Member

    aye but i had the car put through a vag-com initially, and the guy said he couldnt just reset it

    you think thats maybe because the thing was unplugged, and if i now got it put through a vag-com again with it plugged in he could this time?

    cos as far as im aware the airbags just dont work at all when the light it on, the light means the system has been disabled?

    Buckas - if you go under your seat from the front footwell, on the driver side, the wires are located on the handbrake side of the seat, because the small under-seat tray is covering the other side. you can see them just by having a wee look under the seat, orange is closest to you and the further away one is cream/white coloured, iv been told the airbag one is orange but obviously the lumber support goes through the same one, not sure what the white one is for?

    by the way my airbag light is on constantly :(
  5. buckas

    buckas Member

    cheers for the directions to it matey, wil have a look next time it happens :icon_thumright: only does it on the passenger seat with me though - have you tried checking your passenger seat connections? :)

    when mine does come on, it's only on for a minute of driving, then it goes off for good, lol
  6. S2Avant

    S2Avant Member

    Yes, you have to clear the fault warning after you have fixed the fault. (If it was the plug that caused it.)

    QUATTRO_REP Diesel Power!

    the lumber support hasnt worked in my passenger seat since i got mine! doesnt realy bother me as i dnt sit there but might have a look at this nxt time i gt chance. none of my airbag lights are on tho.

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