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Advice needed please

markie A3 Apr 9, 2011

  1. markie A3

    markie A3 Member

    Purchased my 2.0tdi sport 2 months ago just, I noticed my aircon was not cooling, so after reading various posts on here etc, today I had it re gassed.... Still not cool although its cooler than before "slightly"! is there any chance this could be a fuse? ive the use of vcds, will it show as a fault?

    My question now is, will this be covered under the 3 months warrenty i was given by Evans Halshaw or not?

    Surely if they list a cars features when its for sale, then a purchaser should at least benefit from the feature fully working?
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Take it back to the dealer mate - 3 months warranty is 3 months warranty !

    If something like that doesn't work properly it needs fixing - under warranty !

    Evans Halshaw is a big outfit and shouldn't have a problem. Your only problem will be if they say there is nothing wrong with it and you can't prove any different !

    There have been people on here say that the a/c is nowhere near as good as their previous car (whatever that may have been ) so hopefully you expectations are not too high !

    Will get back re mt PM asap.
  3. markie A3

    markie A3 Member

    Cheers Mike, I think its the compressor tbh, I cant hear any start noise etc, I cant find my manual to locate the fuses/ fuse numberts etc relating to the aircon etc, Fingers crossed Evans Halshaw are as reputable as they claim to be

    Ps Enjoy the BBQ Mike

    PPs Mikes taking burger orders, but its bring a bottle fellas :jester:
  4. lincoln_dj

    lincoln_dj Active Member VCDS Map User

    take it back to evans halshaw quoting sale of goods act 1979

    i had to do this when i bought an A3 3.2 V6 with engine light on. they told me they had it checked and all was ok,, i.e. the problem was the light. used vcds to remove it when i got it home but came back a bit later, eventually audi told me it was streched chain. took 2 months of evans halshaw mucking me about but i eventually got a refund (they didnt want to repair it)

    oh, and never buy from evans halshaw again - just google them!!

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