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Advice needed on purchasing this '01 Quattro Sport

chodecz Apr 20, 2007

  1. chodecz

    chodecz New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm interested in this A3 Quattro Sport but would like some advice..

    It's a 2001 1.8 T Quattro Sport, the description reads as follows:
    Manual, 73,700 miles, Black. ABS, Alarm,17" Alloy wheels, Central locking,Climate control,Bose sterio,FASH, MOT Feb'08,Tax June'07,3 new tyres, 6 speed manual. £5,750.

    When was the facelift on the A3? Would this be one? What are the differences?

    There's no leather, sunroof, CC, etc etc. What extras should it have, and what were optional???

    In the photos it looks a bit high at the back!??

    It has FSH and has done 73k, what can I use to haggle the price down? Doesn't the cambelt, clutch, brake discs, exhaust go at around 75-80k?????

    ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. ADP

    ADP Member

    Its on a slope, thats why it looks high. Not sure on the facelift front, a check in the buyers guide at the top of the forum should confirm.

    Plenty of things to haggle on - condition of tyres, tax, next service, condition of wheels etc
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Cambelt, tensioners, idler & water pump should have been done last year (5 years max or 80k miles max). You need to see receipts of this work as it is vital. If it hasn't been done then that's £500 off for starters and needs to be done immediately and I'd also query FASH as they should have insisted it was done last year.
    If they did do it, did they change the water pump? Most dealers seem to think this only needs to be done if the pump is falling apart, which is nonsense. If it still has the original water pump then they might as well not have bothered changing the cambelt and we're back to £500 off again.
    It has climate control so don't understand "no CC".
    Sunroof was an option.
    Bose was a £500 option, so looks like it's totally standard apart from Bose.
    Facelift was 2001/02, IIRC 6 speed gearbox was part of the facelift so looks like it is a facelift, sure someone will confirm this.
    Personally I'd only buy one with leather or half leather/alcantara, which really keeps the car feeling pretty new. Nothing worse than a tired smelly cloth interior.
  4. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    you can see from the picture that its a facelift car.

    its got the facelift rear lights, more rounded door handles, and longer side repeaters, as opposed to square ones on my pre facelift. lights and repeaters can be fitted later, although the door handles would be an extreme change to make it look modern!

    so yea, its a facelift, and a lovely looking car.

    i THINK the cambelt is due at 80k.... so that could be a bargining point.

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