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Advice needed on purchasing a a3 Today

a3 quattr0 Jul 17, 2011

  1. a3 quattr0

    a3 quattr0 New Member

    Hi all,

    Im going to look at a 2004 A3 2.0 TDI Sport AUTO DSG later and need some advice on what to look for.

    The car is on 95,000 and has mostly audi service history. The gearbox got replaced in december with a year warrenty on it and the owner was explaining to me the micro ecu on the gearbox got replaced by audi and also has a 2 year warrenty with it. The owner has converted it to an s-line with the full s-line kit and interior. What major things should i look for on the Diesal engines as coming from a petrol im a diesal virgin. Any help greatly apreciated.

  2. danb986

    danb986 In awe of VCDS Team Daytona

    Sounds like a nice car.
    The first thing I'd do is get a check done on it's history by HPI or Autocheck (who I prefer). I looked at 7 cars before I bought mine and had loads of things picked up by these checks. 4 had 'mileage discrepancies' and one was stolen recovered. I used the Car Reg Check text thing first to rule out the problem ones (it only costs £3 a go) and then if I went to see it I did a full Autocheck enquiry.
    Also ask for the last MOT certificate number and put it in on the VOSA website and you can see all the recorded mileages from it's previous MOT's, along with all the advisories and if it had failed on anything.
    I've not come across a model of car that had so many dodgy ones for sale. It seems they're far too easy to clock, or maybe just a sign of the times.

    Secondly, the only big problem the early 2.0 tdi engines had was head related.
    Have a good read of this and you'll know what cylinder head code to look for:

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