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Advice needed on my Bose system

QuottroA4 Jul 14, 2010

  1. QuottroA4

    QuottroA4 Member

    Hi All, some time since I have posted on the forum so apologies if I am a little rusty!

    I am after some advise on the most cost effective route for what I term a 'proper' sound in my car.

    I have just fitted a Clarion CD609E double din unit in my B which has the fully amplified OEM Bose system in place. My expectation was met when I heard quality (and volume) of the sound the new head unit produced as Andy Mac had mentioned in other posts the std HU was 'optimised' for use with the Bose Amp.

    My thoughts are to buy some decent (price permitting) 6.5" components and run RCA's to the boot as I all ready have a JL 12w0 sub in an enclosure attached to a hefty Alpine v12 amp and a spare Phoenix Gold 4x50 amp gathering dust in the spare room.

    Now by this point you must be thinking that it sounds like I have got it sussed, far from it in fact. The problem is how best to mount the PG amp and the wiring it will need. I already have a 30amp cable running directly from the Batt (fused) and grounding in the boot for the V12. Can the amp be mounted where the OEM unit is? Could I re-use the speaker cable already situ? Going to be bridging the amp to 2 channels ao I guessing I will need new speaker cable? :(

    Whilst on the subject of speakers, my budget is around £80. What is a good buy at this price point which can fit in the doors? (unsure if there are any mounting depth issues) Also, is there a 'discreet solution' for a 12" sub for an B6 saloon? as the missus moans all the time about the enclosure in the boot! :laugh:

    Sorry for all the questions!!

    Any help will be muchos appreciated :thumbsup:

    Last edited: Jul 14, 2010

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