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Advice needed for Service at dealer or AMD

drnutta Jan 2, 2010

  1. drnutta

    drnutta Member

    Hi Guys,
    I've decided to go to AMD to supply and fit some KW Coilovers version 3 to my sportback 170.

    However I was thinking since i am there i might aswell get my car's first service there.

    If i get this done at AMD will it ****** up my warranty in anyway?
    Is there a benefit at keeping it with audi? Pricing wise its almost the same with AMD maybe a few quid cheaper.

    The other delema is whether i go for a complete full service or just go for a oil change. Reason I ask is that my full serivice is not due for another 5k... however i will apprently need a brake fluid change anyway and its actually cheaper to go for the full service.

    What do you guys recommend?
  2. V6Pete

    V6Pete Now running on Bentley's y'all

    If the car is under warranty I'd get it serviced by a main dealer. This will make your life so much easier if you have any problems further down the road. It'll be easier to sell, and if you have any issues outside of warranty, you've got more chance of help from Audi if the car has been maintained within the main dealer network.

    The brake fluid change is usually billed as a separate job and not part of a service.

    I'm unsure what you're saying re the service - if it's due in 5k miles I'd hold off til it's due. An interim oil change is a good idea, but if the service is due relatively soon it seems like overkill.
  3. Scott134

    Scott134 Member

    I've heard a lot of Audi dealers price match if you can get the service cheaper elsewhere. Might be worth checking. Personally, I always think a full main dealer history helps the car's resale value, but I am also happy for garages like AmD, that know these cars well, to work on mine. Sounds as though you might as well go for a full service anyway given that it's cheaper.

    I don't know about the warranty issue, but I'm sure someone on here will.
  4. drnutta

    drnutta Member

    Thats what i was thinking... the audi full service is £249 + 49 for the brake fluid... and is 241 at AMD for both you see...

    and yes i was thinking to just hold off till the full service...
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2010
  5. As long as the garage use genuine Audi parts, the warranty will remain.
  6. V6Pete

    V6Pete Now running on Bentley's y'all

    Correct (for now), but it can complicate issues if Audi don't feel it's been correctly maintained. Legally it will remain, but you may need to argue with your dealer to get things resolved.
  7. Agreed, my mate runs a garage and said this can be avoided though, by ensuring the correct Audi part numbers are stated on your bill.
  8. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Wise words.

    In the past I have had `goodwill` contributions on a VW that was 5 yrs old because it had a full set of dealer stamps. AUDI take the same approach.

    The savings need to be significant to be worth considering.
    Often they are not.

    My 2p anyway.


    MR ANGRY Guest

    Go the Audi route without doubt.
    However, here is a tip to save a fortune.
    Book your car in at your Audi dealership for its service.
    If it is only oil & filters which it is in most cases, pay a visit to your local TPS ( Trade Parts Specialist) to buy your genuine oils & filters.
    TPS has been set up by VW UK all over the country in direct competition to other motor factors, they are selling all genuine VW / Audi / Seat/ Skoda parts direct to anyone who walks through the front door at the same price.
    For instance 5 litres of the latest Quantum Platinum oil will set you back circa £15 + Vat, an AUDI dealership will charge you in excess of £60 for the same oil.
    Anyway, buy all of your parts first. Get a VW plastic bag from TPS when picking them up. Put all of the items needed in the boot of the car, on the day you drop it in fro service just tell them that all of the parts required are in the boot.
    That way you end up with a labour charge only, & a genuine Audi stamp in the service book. Worth its weight & gold when you come to sell.
    I have done this & it works, providing it is all genuine parts they cannot do a thing about it.
  10. ben@amdessex

    ben@amdessex Member

    You can use us for your servicing and your warranty will still be fine. This is due to something called block excemption.

    You can go to any VAT registered garage as long as they use O.E parts and stamp your book. It also need to be serviced to there schedule or better. It would actually be illegal for them to invalidate your warranty if all the above is done as it should be.

    From a personal point of view if I was going to buy a car I would buy the one thats stamped up with a specialist stamp over a Dealer one as I have worked in dealers for 7 years and I wouldn't take my car to one.......

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