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Advice needed for RNS-E - fitting to A4 from A3

sanjjassal Apr 11, 2014

  1. sanjjassal

    sanjjassal New Member

    Hi guys - apologies if anything in the post does not make sense or I have not provided enough information (first time poster)

    I have just purchased a 57 Plate Audi A4 2.0T Petrol S-line, with the standard Audi Concert head unit. I've seen an Audi RNS-E unit on eBay going for a pretty decent price, and have confirmed an offer with the buyer - but before committing, wanted to get some advice.

    The unit is from an A3 apparently, and has the model number: 8PO 035 192Q

    So i guess the main question is, would this fit into my A4? And would it require a lot of work - extra parts, cables etc

    Many thanks for any assistance :)
  2. rizzini7

    rizzini7 Active Member VCDS Map User

    You'll need the a4 faceplate. Which appear to be like rocking horse poo to get!
  3. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    Audi never made the faceplate available as a separate part, so you need someone who has either scrapped an RNS-E and removed it or just happens to have one lying around.

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