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Advice much appreciated

JP-A3 Jul 3, 2011

  1. JP-A3

    JP-A3 New Member

    Hi guys.

    Just joined. So firstly hi!
    I'm Jack. 19. Wirral.

    I currently dont own a A3 !! =0 however I am looking at buying one! (going car shopping today!)
    I looking for a 1.6 or 1.9. I would love a 2.0 fsi but insrence is killing me for a 1.6 or 1.9 already!
    Wondered if anyone got any advice. Best options between 1.6 / 1.9 advantages and disadvantages? and any insurance advice?

    Cheers guys will be much appreciated!

  2. Minstadave

    Minstadave Member

    Petrol 1.6 - dog slow, thirsty

    Diesel 1.9 - dog slow, frugal, pretty bullet proof

    Between the two I'd have the Diesel.
  3. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member

    Hi Jack
    Minstadave is about right, we've had these engines in Golfs and the Diesel is way better. Bit noisy but superb economy and the torque is pretty good. Try Admiral Insurance Direct Line and LV and try to put a girl on the policy too.

    Good luck!
  4. JP-A3

    JP-A3 New Member

    cheers for the replies, would u say the 2.0 fsi (maybe with DSG box) would be wirth the extra?
  5. Jiggy

    Jiggy Member

    Hi Jack, welcome to the forum!

    I am 21 and just bought a 1.4 TSFI, I currently have zero no claims as I only insured myself on my mums car when I came back from uni so my insurance is a killer as well! Got the 12month quote for £1131, added my sister who is over 25 and a penalty/claim free history for the last 6 years and it dropped to 852, I couldn't believe it!

    Also elephant are offering 10 months insurance with a years no claim at the end (obv if you don't claim lol)

    my final quote is £740 with a total excess of £250 for a 10 month policy, and yes the 10 month policy is more expensive but only by about £30 which for me is worth it as I get a years no claims faster

    Hope this helps mate!
  6. JP-A3

    JP-A3 New Member

    Thanks Jiggy!

    been driving since 17 and i have 2 years of experience but no no claims becuase i was on my mums insurence (Seemed a good idea at the time...)
    so 12 months on a 2.0 tdi (140) is £2,400 which is good for some of the quotes ive been given! still crazy money but im still living at home so can get away with spending more! lol
    (that is with my mum n dad on insurence as named drivers)

    Insurence is going to kill me but its going to have to be done i think! falling in love with A3's the more i look, went shopping today and feel the urge for one now!

    found out today th 2.0 (140 bhp) tdi is only going to cost me £80 more than a 1.9 tdi (105 bhp)

    Insurence = Head Mash!
  7. mrpeng

    mrpeng 2.0T Quattro

    can`t say about the tdi as i never had 1 (i had a few loand 1`s from audi though when i taken mine in for service etc) I did have a 2.0fsi before my 2.0T and there quite powerful obviously not next to the rest as people will say they slow as a lot of people got the s3 or modded up for the power gains but for a lad of your age think you be happy with it for a start. As for selecting the rite 1 only you can decide what you want from the car as noted tdi good torque 4000k or so they die of the power well most of the 1`s i drove have good if your planning on doing lots of miles i prefer petrol always have seem to drive better in the higher end of the revs for overtaking on country roads depends what you want out of the car and use etc

    just note most of these cars what ever variation you choose are not that cheap to run but really good solid cars gotta say i love my audi lol

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