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Advice/info on converting a 2.3NG to EFI???

dgacampbell May 22, 2011

  1. dgacampbell

    dgacampbell New Member

    Hi has anyone converted the 2.3 NG from The KEIII-Jetronic to EFI?
    I have 2 reasons for asking, one of which im sure i'll be spat at and damned to hell for lol
    1- It seems the airflow meter is done on mine as i am losing go on WOT and replacement of this unless im lucky enough to find one working 2nd hand is gonna cost a small fortune (also how long would a second hand one last??)
    2- It would solve the problem i am having with trying to get a multipoint lpg system fitted to it. as of next september i will have to do 100mile round trips to university per day, and at the current 31mpg i get out of it is not really possible on a students income lol (so that explains my reasoning hopefully lol)

    No buy a diesel smart remarks please lol

    So any information on whats involved would be greatly appreciated, or advice!

    The only guy that was willing to give me any info on getting this car to run on lpg told me i would need a megasquirt ecu to provide pulses for the gas injectors,, but now as the airflow meter needs replaced, maybe i can kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak!


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