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advice/ help needed please i have starting issues

Mcblain86 Oct 4, 2013

  1. Mcblain86

    Mcblain86 New Member

    Hi Guys

    As per the title im having issues starting my 2007 S5, it is a manual and when i go to start it i press the clutch down push the keep in dash lights up but the car wont start. It does still display press clutch to start on the dash display.

    I have found myself having to press the clutch pedal harder and harder over the last couple of weeks to start it.

    My question is has anyone else suffered the same problem is so what was the cure? The car drives perfect gear changes are smooths no issues etc which makes me think its not the release bearing as if it was surely this should affect the gear changes?

    Any advice/ help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Craig

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