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Advice for another (almost) S3 owner...

alijames Feb 24, 2008

  1. alijames

    alijames Active Member

    Hi All,

    After ~3 months searching, 10 viewings and 4 'gone before I got there's, finally agreed a sale of a mint, unmolested 2001/Y 8L with 71k on the clock. Should be picking up Thur/Fri this week!!

    I've been trawling the Forums the since the hunt began, and got a lot a valuable info so far. Great stuff from everyone!!

    But still need a couple of bits of advice needed from you guys if poss :

    Any recommended any specialists or just good mechanics near to Oxford/Bicester to do a Cambelt/Waterpump change, or should I hit Oxford Audi for a quote? Pity AMD went the way of the dodo last year as they were only a 3 iron from my gaff...

    Also, it's currently fitted with a Concert R/C + Changer set-up, but no Bose. I would prefer to get a CD (preferably with MP3 CD capability) up front. As there is plenty of used Concert/Symphony kit on Ebay.

    Which models are a simple swap? Also, how easy is it to move the A/C down to accomodate a Double din Symphony or Concert 2 set-up. I'm guessing I might run into issues with CAN-bus compatibility, but how easy is it to find out whether mine is late enough to have CAN-bus capability?

    Anyone got their old Audi CD HU sitting in their garage they want a few quid for? PM if you have, rather than clutter up the forum...

    Also DirectLine have finally given me a decent quote at £340 comp. Fair enough, I'm 36 with 10years NCD and no points, but that's only £80 more than my 1995 MX5!!

  2. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Check out APS in brackely (ex AMD lot) not too far from Oxford. Best get a quote from Oxford to give you and idea of what not too pay and then have a scout round, the other one is MRC in Banbury. Both are well respected and can give you the service you want.

    For the stereo set-up I haven't got a clue! best to have a search in the ICE forum or tap up the guru known as AndyMac
  3. spiker

    spiker usually growling at something

    Stafford Audi did my cambelt change last month as an ebay special

    cambelt - water pump and belts + haldex oil change = £470 inc vat

    might be worth the trip

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