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Adverts - are they ALL current ?

liffy99 Sep 6, 2008

  1. liffy99

    liffy99 Member

    Just started to browse the forums looking for a roomier replacement for my TT.
    Looking at the ads (and of course seeing that the cars I'd be most tempted by were advertised months ago) I am amazed that some date back more than 18 months !

    Are adverts deleted automatically (after a certain time, or when a car is sold) or is it the responsibility of the seller to remove it once finished (if the latter come on guys, tidy up after you).

    Curious before I waste a lot of calls about cars that have supposedly been for sale for months.

  2. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    First of all, welcome to the site :)

    Secondly, I hope your search for a new car goes well, and more so, that ASN proves to be useful in that pursuit!

    And in my best Trevor McDonald voice... And finally, that's an interesting point to be raised. The onus is in fact largely on the advertiser to deal with their classifies. If they sell an item and mark it as such, the ad will be removed from the database. I'll look into the policy on automatically deleting old advertisements to allow for the more forgetful of our number and get back to you...

    Best regards,


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