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Advanced key and cellphone

danilotto May 24, 2014

  1. danilotto

    danilotto Active Member Audi S3

    Hi all,

    Sorry if you already know it :)
    Pay attention keeping the advanced key in the same pocket of your phone.

    I have an iPhone 5 and If I keep it in the pocket together with the advanced key, the doors do not open until I move the phone away.

    And worse, yesterday I was driving and the key was in the pocket together with the iPhone. At a certain point I started hearing a clicking noise from the loudspeaker, something like a radio digital interference of something trying to send data packets.

    After few minutes the yellow triangle lit on the dashboard and the DIS told me that the key was not in the car :think:

    I then realized about the phone and immediately moved it away from the key. Immediately the clicking noise faded away and the alert on the DIS went away.

    So pay attention to interferences between the advanced key and cellphones :D
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  2. monopole

    monopole Well-Known Member

    keys + phone in the same pocket = no no by any standard in my book
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  3. 97catalunya

    97catalunya Active Member

    I noticed this too, key in inside jacket pocket, phone in outside jacket pocket.
    It took me a while to twig this was the reason I couldn't unlock the car.
    Easy fix, changed pockets lol. Or at least key in outside pocket, phone in the inside pocket ;-)

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