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Advance driving lessons/course/test

J_V_DUB Oct 8, 2012

  1. J_V_DUB

    J_V_DUB Member

    Hi chaps,

    After a bit of advice and feedback on the subject.

    First of all my reasoning :

    I've been driving for 9 years now, 7 of them in UK. I hold a HGV licence as well. I have only had 1 accident that was not even in this country and happened in the middle of the winter with about 4 feet of snow where a lorry suddey stopped and due to hard breaking I skidded, clipped the kerb and ended up in a ditch.

    I don't think my driving is bad, I very rarely drive above speed limit and since my accident always try to adapt my driving to road conditions, however having learnt to drive on the opposite side of the road and the steering wheel beeing on the left I do sometimes find myself in situations where I don't feel 100% in control ie. narrow country lanes or sudden hazards. I've been thinking about those courses since few weeks ago when I had a near miss on the M20 where someone's bikes fallen of their rack and all the cars had to pretty much do emergency stop from 70mph.

    Did anyone do any of those or has any experience of this company Driverskills - Advanced Driving Courses On-Road Advanced Driving Course [] - £169.00 : .

    Do those courses really help and give the benefits like better mog, lower insurance etc ?

  2. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    I think the first thing that you need to be before entertaining an advanced course is to be completely comfortable driving on our side of the road.The course I went on for my then employer pushed me very hard, and the slightest of hesitation would have had dire consequences, on my pursuit training I would regularly hit over a ton on country roads, taking blind corners (on the pursuit cars ok) etc.Didnt help that at the time I owned a 998cc mini, and then getting into a cozzy and mi16 in october with the damp leaves.Shame there wasnt tena mens available!!.Hard course that was.I have yet to find an insurance company that recognises this as a means to lower premiums....I found one in the last 20 years but they were too expensive from the start.It appears that you are capable having a HGV already, and the fat that you drive to the conditions of the road.By all means go through your requirements with whoever you choose as there might be something more suitable.I for one am incapable of driving a lhd.Just doesnt compute!!

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