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Admin error on previous insurance.

A4B8Sline Aug 27, 2013

  1. A4B8Sline

    A4B8Sline Active Member

    Hello folks,

    I'm posting this trying to help my dad out. Basically he has just sold his 2002 A4 to a friend of his. The sale went as it should and the V5 was filled in and sent off.

    Yesterday his friend received what he thought would be the log book. It was in fact a letter from the dvla stating the car was a write off and was written off in 2010. And it would require the dvla vic check before obtaining a new V5. My dad owned the car from 2005-2013 and its never been in a accident. My dad friend also knows this as they live almost in the same road.

    obviously calls have been made to the dvla questioning and their response is that an insurer would have made the mistake and we would have to get the insurer to send dvla a letter confirming the error. Simples? No, the insurer isn't being helpful at all.

    My dads friend quite rightly doesn't want a car with a vic mark on the log book nor does my dad but we seem to be stuck in a loop hole here?

    Any help or advice from someone in insurance would be much appreciated.

  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    tough 1
    but you need to get the insurance company that put the marker on the car to supply dvla with the right info that its never had a claim against it

    what are the insurance saying when you ask them ?
  3. A4B8Sline

    A4B8Sline Active Member

    Thanks for the reply,

    The insurers are just passing through departments at the moment. The issue we have is he changed insurers each year and each one is blaming the other. Including the one who he was insured with at the alleged write off time.

    Its is strange however how the dvla were happy to send out tax disc renewals during this time if the car was not supposedly vic checked? I guess we will have to battle this through the insurers. Watch this space....

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