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Adjusting xenon headlight level on 8P3

yahyar Sep 12, 2009

  1. yahyar

    yahyar Member

    I just got my car on h&r coilovers and just realised that while driving at night, my xenons point down and have seriously diminished range since changing the suspension.

    i have read up about levelling sensors not being aligned on the suspension, but i can only go back to the suspension fitment centre on monday to realign the sensors.

    is there any other way to adjust my headlights? vagcom? is there a way to set it permanently via vagcom?

    the 2009 with LED DRLS dont seem to have a manual level adjustment on the headlight units, so im kinda worried now
  2. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Yes there is a way to adjust them and for Bi-Xenons you definitely need VCDS mate. IIRC you put them into some sort of service mode and then adjust them with the turn screws on the unit.

    Try doing a search, I know there's a thread on it somewhere in 8P!
  3. baz1985

    baz1985 Member

    I had this issue after fitting KW V3. There is a thread on VWVortex that explains the process…apologies can’t find the link. I was very frustrated as I even described the procedure in-depth twice to the company that has apparently been taking tuning seriously for long period of time when they were erroneously fitting the kit. After experiencing much ineptitude at said company, I took it to an Audi dealership who re-fitted and re-aligned the sensors and xenon headlamps for about £80.
  4. yahyar

    yahyar Member

    I managed to solve this just by turning the plastic tabs on the headlamp units under the bonnet. All this did was raise the level of the beams to a satisfactory height
    Other people have had DTCs thrown doing this, so I consider myself lucky.

    I checked the thread on VWvortex and the posts were during 2006, hence starting this thread here. So this can just be a heads up to those who are considering lowering their cars.

    Thanks for the input

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