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Adjusting handbrake

vetch Jan 23, 2010

  1. vetch

    vetch S3

    Alright folks, I havent been on in a while, I havent driven the S3 much actually, been using my daily hack for 99% of my driving in the shitty weather.

    Anyway, the search fucntion doesnt seem to be working for me, so can anyone tell me how the handbrake is adjusted on the S3? The handbrake is rather high at the moment!
  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    First remove the rear ashtray to access the adjusters.

    Then you have a couple of methods. First (and official) method is to tighten the cable adjuster nuts at the handbrake end until the handbrake lever arms at the rear wheels are just lifted off of their stops. (maximum distance 3mm). Do this with the handbrake off.

    Second method is to jack up the rear of the vehicle and support it so you can spin the rear wheels by hand. From the rest position pull the handbrake up by 2 or 3 clicks. Then tighten the adjusters until you can't move the wheels by hand.

    In each case you should check the wheels turn freely with the hand brake off.

    If you reach the end of the adjustment and the handbrake is still functioning incorrectly, then the cables have stretched and need replacing.
  3. vetch

    vetch S3

    HTC, thanks for that. Much obliged.:thumbsup:

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