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Adjust DRL brightness on facelift cars

NME Aug 23, 2013

  1. NME

    NME Member


    I've done my searching and I thought I would create this thread as I'm confused about what I read.

    I read a post which Paullie created asking how to make the DRL brightness its full setting (100%) when the sidelight switch is used, as it said that they are dimmer when the side light switch is selected.

    Paullie then said that the solution for Sportbacks is Module 09 / Byte 18 - change from 2B to 2C.

    I have done this, but can't see any difference - is this correct for only a certain year of car?

    I have a 2011 car, and my standard setting in Byte 18 is 2B.

    The reason I wanted this mod done, is that I have auto lights, and the headlights come on way to early (i.e. it is still very light and not dark enough for full beam with side lights).

    A few other people commented that the DRL's on auto lights - were brighter in the daytime when the full head light has not come on.

    I also tried changing the setting to 26 (as Paullie said this was what worked for her in her facelift 3 door), as her standard setting was 25.

    Can anyone confirm the correct way to increase the DRL when only the sidelight option is seletected on the Sportback model?
  2. NME

    NME Member

  3. BenC00

    BenC00 Member

    I tried doing the same thing a while back... when I tried doing it, it looked like you needed the know the security login for the controller which I was unable to find out from anywhere on the web.

    The other option is enabling DRLs @ 0 position on the light switch (which would be DRLs @ 100%), which according to many threads is possible but no one could tell me the correct coding. :(
  4. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    its obvious when in vcds where to adjust the % but i dont have a car in front of me to tell you sorry, just go through the long coding helper
  5. DeckedS3

    DeckedS3 Well-Known Member

    I tried playing with this a while ago and I never figured it out!

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