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Adding sat nav to bose

Rubber Duck Jan 31, 2011

  1. Rubber Duck

    Rubber Duck New Member

    Hi guys, Im currently looking to buy an A4 2.0tdi S line as I need something more efficient that my discovery 3. I really want to find a vehicle with the bose system but I would like sat nav as well. I cant find many that have both sat nav and bose.
    So the question is how hard is it to buy an audi sat nav headunit and fit it to a vehicle with a bose system?

  2. solaris

    solaris Member

    Not very hard at all especially if your car has a double DIN unit in there already. Just source a unit and ensure you get the correct loom to support bose. Oh you also need to code it up with VAG COM.
  3. hazey7

    hazey7 Member

    See the Hazzy Dayz website, they can fit this stuff or supply and fit this stuff, theres also some helpful videos, etc
  4. pjmspeedy

    pjmspeedy Dude, what's mine say ?

    It's really easy to do. I did mine as couldn't find one with everything on, mind you now it has everything I'll be selling it within a couple of months.

    You can basically fit any optional extra afterwards so just try and get near as you can get to the stuff you want and then fit the rest over time.
  5. nicol1980

    nicol1980 New Member

    I contacted Hazzy Dayz and to me they seem very expensive. This is what they sent me when I asked about adding Sat Nav and an ipod kit.:

    We can offer you two options,

    - RNS-E 2G (Refurbished) supplied and fitted with a 12 month warranty - £720 + VAT

    - RNS-E 3G (Refurbished) supplied and fitted with a 12 month warranty - £1100 + VAT

    We all so have two options for your iPod/iPhone connectivity,

    - Genuine Audi AMI iPod kit (Supplied and fitted with a 2 year warranty) - £405 + VAT ( This kit is only compatible with the 3G head unit)
    - Here is a link to are website with some images of the AMI iPod kit Audi RNS-E 3G+ AMI iPod Kit - Vw & Audi Sat Nav, Bluetooth , TV Tuners, Cruise Control Installations UK
  6. nicol1980

    nicol1980 New Member

    Forgot to mention, this is for a refurbished unit

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