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Adding a TV to RNS-E

terrymcg Dec 30, 2006

  1. terrymcg

    terrymcg Member

    I have just installed an RNS-E unit into my A3, what a difference and what an excellent MOD!

    I am after finding out what I need to do to get a TV running through it? Does anyone know of an aftermarket tuner that will work ok with it? Where do you get the power from? Does the RNS-E supply everything for the tuner?

    I seen a posting earlier about a tuner you can get from maplin, but there were no responses to the post, so I am kind stuck!

    I have looked through quite a bit of the navplus.us forum but to no avail.

    So looking forward for some responses that may send me in the right direction!


    Also anyone that has a tv tuner, whats the reception like while moving?
  2. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    You can either go for a the official Audi TV tuner, or the Dietz 1417 or 1280 models which I understand is a bit cheaper. They sell on eBay for a little over £100 from what I've seen.

    I think Craigyb may also offer the TV installation as well - find him in the memberlist and send a PM!

    I'm surprised you couldn't find anything on navplus.us - there's a thread under the Quick Links. Click here to view it.
  3. nb

    nb Very poorly A3 at the moment..........

    Tv reception is very intermittent with signal you can recieve - sorry for stating the obvious!! but if you get a good reception it is great.
    Although i did drop the biggest boll@ck with this option - you just hardly use it!!

    I got it cos i drive and work all over the uk and between meetings and appointments i thought it would be handy and also in motorway delays etc
    but in motorway queue's its a pain in the a@se as the speed threshold is set so low its really difficult to keep it on and crawl so it turns on and off and gets annoying!!
    And i resisted the urge to get it unlocked as, for me, that had disaster wriitten all over it!!

    And 700 quid.........what a joke - they saw me coming!! get a power supply fitted and buy a flat screen and get the mrs to hold it!!!

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