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Adding a Generic Amp to my Audi A4

AudiNick Dec 28, 2006

  1. AudiNick

    AudiNick New Member

    Hi all,

    I've finally purchased an Audi stereo removal tool, hoping that their would be some standard phono output sockets on the back of the radio (and was I wrong!)

    Basically, I want to plug in a standard amp which has 2x Phono Connectors and a Remote connect (in order to send a signal to the amp which switches it on when the radio is on).

    As for the Remote cable, I believe this can just be powered by putting it on the negetive terminal - But will need to be done correctly as I don't want the amp on all the time!

    Has anyone done this before? I didn't really want to plug my standard CD Player in my car and remove the Audi one...

    I've also heard you can power the amp off the rear speakers? - i'm assuming with a Pre-Amp or something.


  2. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    HAD PHONO'S FITTED TO BACK OF MY ORIGINAL HEADUNIT A4, just phono's no big conversion thing,now running 500watt jbl+2 alpine subs,dont know how but possible cost 48 quid! if ya near stoke on trent,come down!:arco:
  3. AJO

    AJO Member

    you cant power the remote from just a negative!

    it needs a positive feed.. you can just loop it from the positive on the Amp but i dont recommend this as unless you fit a switch it will be on all the time

    however a switch can be useful for when you get sick of the bass :)
  4. ibzuk.com

    ibzuk.com New Member

    hi i can do the mod for you so u can fit amp to your car correctly and the amp will turn on and off correctly, ive done loads of them.if your interested it will cost you £50.00 inc all parts required and it wont affect the rest of your audio setup pls pm me.thanks im in stoke on tent.

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