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Add gauges

kachnak Dec 7, 2009

  1. kachnak

    kachnak Active Member

    I am thinking about add some gauges to A shaft (between left door and front glass) I have driving wheel on left, but I have some questions before. I cannot find here thread what I want about instaling gauges and sensors.
    Boost tube I have already instaled, but do you know if is easy to instal sensors for OIL temperature and OIL pressure (are here some instruction to do this?) If is so hard I only put there boost gauge.
    Thank you
  2. kachnak

    kachnak Active Member

    in some tuning forum I read that this oil sensors can be placed to the oil tube which is going to turbo. What is your opinion?
  3. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    Hi there,
    The boost gauge will need an ignition live and earth for the light in the gauge,
    I think there is a blanking plug in the oil filter housing you can remove and fit an oil preasure sensor into.
    As for the oil temperature im not sure and i havent found a thread on here where this has been done,
  4. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    Can plug the oil temp gauge in the same place, theres also the sump plug too, alot of people replace the sump plug with a sender.

    Covered loads on SCN paul.

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