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Adaptive Cruise, any experience to share?

Trebuchet Mar 27, 2013

  1. Trebuchet

    Trebuchet Member

    No, I'm not on about a tragically named child of Tom Cruise.

    Adaptive cruise control. Anyone got it on their new A3?
  2. deci

    deci Active Member

    Considered it seriously, specced it initially but in the end didn't go for it. The reason? I didn't like the sensor on the grill. Sad I know.
  3. Jeff777LUFC

    Jeff777LUFC Member

    I speccd it on mine, mainly for the 30 miles of single carriageway A-road near me which can become really tedious when following traffic fluctuating between 40-70 mph, and standard cruise is not really a help.

    Ive had the car 2 weeks and not used it extensively but had a bit of a play and it works perfectly.


    The full system with red indicators around the speedo etc. and DIS distance display.
    Four distance control levels which are easy to be comfortable with.
    Does what it is supposed to.
    Drives itself with the S-tronic, up and down gears etc.



    Maybe less economical due to more braking rather than a human anticipating and lifting throttle earlier.
    Have to select the display in the DIS manually, rather than auto like Nav is.
    Easy to fall in behind and follow someone rather than overtaking, as you don't realise you are not going as fast as you want.

    Overall I like it and I'd say its a good gadget to have. And I quite like the radar sensor in the front grille :)

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