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acelleration hesistation

LukeHS3 Jun 23, 2010

  1. LukeHS3

    LukeHS3 Member

    sometimes when having a blast il put my foot down and the car will hesitate and there will be no power then if i let off and apply throttle it will take off again! only does it now and then and sometimes when changing up a gear and flooring it

    is this to the with the standard fuel pump? car is stg1 revo
  2. Four*Ring*King

    Four*Ring*King New Member

    Hi LukeHS3, best to do data logs with vag-com. There might have been a problem before loading the revo map, with increase boost and fuel the problem just got bigger and thats why the surge. My experiences with similar symptoms where spark plugs but that does not mean you have the same problem. With data logs its easy to see your requested and actual values.
    You dont need hpfp upgrade with stage1 revo.

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