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Ace Cafe 27th May

aposegil May 20, 2003

  1. aposegil

    aposegil Member

    Hello all

    I would like to invite you all to come to Ace cafe on the 27th May. On the last Tuesday every month E1K holds a VAG event for enthusiasts to talk over etc. Its now come up to that time again and last month was amazing. We had over 100+ cars.

    So its just a quick reminder that on Tuesday the 27th May there will be the usual monthly meet starting from 7pm. As usual please come early for parking.

    Visit www.e1k-acecafe.co.uk for more details and the postcode for next to it is NW10 7NN

    2.1 16v
    1.3 turbo

    p.s the forum would not let me post this in the events section so if someone would be so kindly to either advise me how to change it or move it for me i would be very greatfull. Thank You In Advance

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