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accident advice

dantheman1986 Feb 7, 2007

  1. dantheman1986

    dantheman1986 Member

    right some immigrant worker just reversed into me afeter overtaking me in a 30 limit at approx 60-70 mph!! ie managed to get hold of the company he works for and get the claim rolling, but now i need your advise.

    ive heard audis have an anti-corrosion warranty? is this true? if so would i hae to have the paintwork and repairs done at an audi garage, keep in with this warranty?

    and finally, am i entittled to get the repairs done at an audi dealersip because of this warranty? my car is an a3 quattro 2000 model by the way, how long does the warranty last, ie heard 12 years?

    sorry for the essay cheers chaps
  2. claudefrog

    claudefrog Member

    if you get it done at an audi approved garage they will let you keep the warranty

    when you have an accident, the galvanised coat gets cracked of the panels, leaving them non galvanised.
  3. dantheman1986

    dantheman1986 Member

    so when the insurance people get back to me i am expecting them to give me list of places to take it, which are approved by them, can i argue this nd say i want to take it to audi
  4. Sinny71

    Sinny71 S55 LKS

    I've got a claim ongoing at the minute and I am insisting on having the work done through Audi. Its not as straightforward as using the insurers approved bodyshops but they have never argued. I just said I needed the work done by audi for the warranty on the paint.
    What the have said is that I need to get 2 quotes for them. I visited Audi Newcastle who put me in touch with their approved bodyshop. I have said to the insurers that I should not need to go to another Audi arage for a quote as they use the same bodyshop and the quote would be the same.
    Now waiting for an assessor to look at it but they have never said I cant go to Audi. They do keep dropping their approved shop into conversations though
  5. Tallpaul

    Tallpaul Member

    IMO the 12 year Audi warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on...

    Also, just because a bodyshop is 'Audi' doesn't make it any good.

    Personnaly i'd look around and find a recommended quality local bodyshop and insist they do the work, if by chance that is an Audi garage then bonus!

    As far as corrosion resistance goes, as long as they do a good job and use galvinised panels it'll be fine.

    Local to me is an independant bodyshop that specialises in Ferrari's, but you'll also see all sorts of new and classic exotics parked up too. They really do fantastic work. On insurance claims they'll do all the leg-work ie organise themselves as approved, sort out the paperwork, get you a hire car etc you just give them the keys and the name of your insurers and they do the rest.

    I'd be looking for something like that, if possible...
  6. ChriS3

    ChriS3 hud at ye bam

    In the event of a claim, you are entitled to have the car repaired at a bodyshop of your choice. This is stated by the industry watchdogs, not the insurance companies. They may try and wriggle out of it, but they usually can't unless it's specifically stated in the terms and conditions of your policy.

    I recently had my car repaired at the local Porsche bodyshop. They're the best, and most expensive in town. My insurers told me to get two quotes, I said no. Prior to that, I had some warranty work done by Audi - it wasn't to the standard I would have expected. And they wouldn't have done it at all if the car had been repaired by a non-audi bodyshop previously. Any warranty work under the 10 year anti-perforation warranty (it's not an anti-corrosion warranty) will be a fight no matter what. I only got mine done because I work with a lot of senior paint inspectors that helped me with my case, and gave me the info to scare their independant assesor sh!tless.
  7. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    Audi dealers don't have their own bodyshops - they just subcontract the work out anyway. So taking it to 'Audi' may mean that it just ends up at the garage that the insurance company said all along.
  8. simch

    simch Active Member

    Some dealers do..! But I agree there are good bodyshops and bad ones! one of the best painters you will ever meet paints cars in a converted corn dryer on a farm near me!! man, his stuff is amazing! Great seeing rows of bashed up Ferraris 360's lotus, lambos and masers, all sittign around this farmyard!!
  9. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy Member

    Well my cars just gone past the 10 year warranty and it needs a little repair work on the rear passenger quarter panel, got a quote from the subcontracted place near here and although the work is stunning, they also have ferraris out front it was about £1000 for the work. Make sure you get it all through insurance unlike me being an idiot and trying to keep my premiums down with my no claims bonus (which I lost anyway!)
  10. downie

    downie New Member

    What ever you do, when your car goes in to the garage, walk around it with a fine tooth comb and ensure any scratches, knocks etc are recorded. That way when you pick it up, you can make sure if there is anything out of place they have no room ti wriggle out of it. Always worth a few minutes of your time.

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