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Accelerator Pedal Clicking Sound

NCRAW Aug 30, 2011

  1. NCRAW

    NCRAW Member

    Hi All,

    It all started about 6 months ago while on a drive with the Oz Audi Melbourne. I get this annoying click when I press the accelerator or take my foot of it. Sometimes its louder than other times. You can even sometimes feel the point where it makes the click. I thought it might be stones under the base so I undid the screw that holds the accelerator and vaccumed between the carbet and the base but no luck. Can I use a silicon spray lube on the joints? will it affect the electricals or it should be ok? otherwise im very close to getting a new one.
  2. Geraldy212

    Geraldy212 Sportback owner

    I would pull it out, and disconnect the cable. Then operate it manually and see if the click is still there. It may be coming apart at the seams, and will one day leave you with no acceleration..... Anyway, with it out you can more easily try some lubrication. Good luck.
  3. Jameze

    Jameze James

    I think you might have the same thing I've got... I upgraded my pedals to S3 pedals and now whenever I take my foot off the accelerator there's a quiet but noticeable 'click'. I think it's just parts of the accelerator touching itself as it springs back when you lift your foot off (between gear changes etc). I just ignored it after a bit and don't even notice it now unless I've got my radio switched off.

    Do you have aluminium pedals?
  4. MTW

    MTW Member

    ive got this too, but if i feather the throttle and hold it it will just click,click,click,click! for ages, just live with it now, some one once said it was something to do with a throttle relay or something?

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