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Acceleration and performance thread?

diffas Sep 22, 2011

  1. diffas

    diffas Member

    I didn't found any topics of comparing acceleration/performance times of this forum cars.
    Would be nice to compare different cars and mods you have done, if any. Of course measuring should be
    done with some trustable equipment; like some gps based Racechrono, Tempes Gtx, Performance box etc.

    Something like :
    40mph - 75mph 4.6s (3rd gear)
    50mph - 100mph 10.3s (3rd + 4th gear)
    60mph - 120mph 13.7s (4th + 5th gear)

    Car is A4 B5 2.5TDi around 235hp @ 1700kg. Measured with Racechrono and starting acceleration 5 to 10mph before.

    Is this just wasting time? :)
  2. Mackers

    Mackers Member

    ooooh, i have the same car as in it's a A4 2.5Tdi (150 tho) and was wondering where and how you got 235......
    i've mailed a few companies and they all giving various prices and final BHP figures, but none near your 235BHP
    REMAP WIZARD have Quoted 193BHP @ a cost of £189
    AMD Quoted "around 200BHP" @ a cost of £339
    REVO "don't do apparently"
    CELTIC TUNING Quoted 190BHP @ a cost of £300 (i think)
    TUNIT Quoted 180BHP @ a cost of £398 :O
    EVOLUTION CHIPS Quoted 180BHP @ a cost of £359
    and there was another company who rolling road the car before and after the remap, for about £350... any idea's who :S :S

    any idea's on what to go for.
  3. diffas

    diffas Member

    I don't know about your local chiptuners because I'm from Finland. Stock setup is totally maxed out around 200+hp.
    I would go for safer 190hp. You can't expect same output power as I have because I've done some hw changes.
    There are new cleared/ported BDG heads, bigger nozzles from cummins 5.9 cr engine and bigger turbo.

    Actually last time I posted I was little wrong about the power output.
    Just dynoed last weekend:

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