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AC/Heaters Blower Unit Stopped Working?

Jamie-S Nov 10, 2013

  1. Jamie-S

    Jamie-S Member

    Owned the a4 for a few weeks now but only started driving it fully this week.

    Bringing the car home I had the blowers on, I got warm so turned them off via the off button on the controls, didnt touch it since.

    Few weeks later (now) I cant get the heaters to come on at all???

    Tried pressing the front screen button so they come on maximum to defrost the window, nothing. Press the blower button which lets you set the speed on the mmi, nothing although the speed does change on the mmi.

    Am I being dumb and missing something out here? I didn't get to play with the blowers when I had them on so not sure what im doing with it.

    Where is the actual blower/fan located? I would like to remove it and bench test it. Assuming behind the glovebox?
  2. Jamie-S

    Jamie-S Member

    Took the motor out today, couldn't get it to work whilst providing 12v directly to it.

    Ordered one off ebay so will see how that goes.

    Noticed this when I had the glove box out

    The usb slot, if I get a usb male> female would a usb play through the mmi?

    The other wires are ipod leads which were already installed

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