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ABY vs. 3B

Henrik Nov 21, 2004

  1. Henrik

    Henrik New Member

    So... Buying a S2 - what do I get? ABY or 3B.


    +Lighter (3B weighs like 1450 and ABY weighs like 1520)
    +A wee bit cheaper
    +Lockable center diff
    +Single mass flywheel - not sure if that is good or bad though

    -Open center diff - no Torsen, eventhough it's lockable.. Good or bad, not sure
    -Less power (10hp less)
    -Not as smooth



    -Dual mass (not sure if it's a good or a bad thing though)
    -A bit more expensive

    OK. So, that's some of the up's and down's of both... Can you think of more? (Not a question but rather "come on and tell me more"). What about handling? I've heard both good and bad about both systems (open center diff or Torsen). Which box can take most abuse? 5- or 6-speed? The 3B is lighter - is it all gearbox and engine OR is it rather that the body is weaker on a 3B?

    And then all the issues I missed out.... What do I think of - mainly concerning differences between 3B and ABY I mean...

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