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ABT Audi Q5

Discussion in 'ABT Sportsline' started by ABT UK, Aug 18, 2009.


What do you think of the new ABT Audi Q5?

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  1. ABT UK

    ABT UK Official ABT UK Distributor

    Jul 22, 2009
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    Body Styling

    The ABT Q5 is impressing, harmonic and superior from every angle. The front skirt with the integrated underride protection finds its equivalent in the rear skirt, which, in a very elegant way, also hides the tow bar extendable for use. The mighty front grille, the fender extensions and the dynamic door strip attachments form a unit. The rear wing, the 4-pipe-rear muffler and the BR wheel rim in size 20-inch also fit in optimally into the elegant overall picture. The ABT Q5 is indeed a car for all occasions: No matter whether in front of a luxury hotel or a beer garden, this vehicle fits in everywhere.

    Improved Performance

    The “S” in “SUV” means “particularly sporty”. A genuine ABT always has significantly more power, even more so when all four wheels are powered. The two diesel engines sparkle with energy: thanks to ABT Power, the 2.0 TDI delivers potent 190hp (140kW) instead of 170hp (125kW). The 3.0 TDI delivers the most powerful performance for the ABT Q5: with ABT Power S, it achieves 310hp or 228kW (Series: 240hp/177kW) on any terrain. Particularly impressing: its maximum torque of 610Nm. Also the 2.0 TFSI is suited perfectly for the SUV from Kempten: thanks to ABT Power, 211hp (155kW) are turned into sporty 240hp (177kW).

    When a power upgrade is made, suspension and brakes, too, have to be adjusted to the increased power. That is why we offer a fine tuned package for the Q5: suspension springs, lowering of the car’s center of gravity or also the well-proven ABT Level Control, an electronic lowering for the CDC air suspension (Continous Damping Control). Regarding deceleration, the ABT sports brake system provides for a maximum of safety, which meets the increased requirements: the brake disks with a diameter of 380mm are strong enough for the fast SUV - and behind the 20-inch-wheel rims type BR or AR, they also look extremely good. The ABT Q5 is going to be available within the first quarter of 2009.

    Out and Out Superiority

    Whichever way you look at it, the ABT Q5 makes a mighty impression from every angle. The imposing front grille and muscular fender extensions alone deliver a clear statement. Equally striking, if not more so, are the front spoiler and the highly practical rear skirt, the latter offering a quick and elegant, two-hand solution to allow the extendable tow bar to be used. The compact sibling of the ABT Q7 is not only attractive, but also extremely practical – and consequently the ideal companion for all occasions. Whatever you have planned to do, the ABT Q5 is a superior way to get yourself moving.

    For all fully-modified ABT Audi Vehicle enquiries, feel free to call Damien on 08448 731 365.

    For all ABT parts enquiries, including wheel and tyre packages, call Alex on 07976 408226.

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