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Absolute with Badger and Cooling System

myrichdad Jul 2, 2006

  1. myrichdad

    myrichdad Member

    Hi all,

    It's been a while but i've been busy, just wanted your opinion on my current S3 predicament....here is the summary

    Hit Badger end of december - car overheated a bit of damege insurance job

    got car back - overheated again. refilled with coolant - overheated again sent back to insurance company

    been back a while overheated again - lobbed in some radweld!!! thinking must be small leak - a few days later overheated again. Noticed white smoke from exhaust aswell when it was running and idle had become poor on startup (actually post radweld this went away) overheated again. rang insurance company fixer to pick up and sort....

    they said hole in back of engine!!!! not accident related.... could be head gaskett or core plug. only leaks coolant on cooling down from being hot (i.e. when you've finished with it)

    I said if it was head gasket that was probably due to it not being fixed properly overheating a number of times etc. Spoke to insurance company

    They had Beechwood Audi in Halesowen look at it. They didn't look at the head gaskett (**** knows why not?) and said there is no problem except possible temp sensor fault and possible water pump fault.

    I understand these are both common faults but i've poured litres of water and coolant into the thing so the temp sensor seems to be working just fine and the water pump was replaced about 20k miles ago with phosphour bronze impeller all at great fcuking expense to yours truly.

    Any suggestions or advice. I sent email back to the insurance company tonight saying call me when i can have my repaired car back please! and detailing above.

    If they thought it was head gaskett why haven't they looked at it?

    Ahhh doing my head in - i've been driving a ford ka for a fcuking month now. trust e 1000 miles in that baby is not the same as in my lovely leather intereiorded air conditioned bose stereod guided missle i can tell you.....

    grateful for any help....to cap it all, if the expense continues wifee will force sale.....:-(

  2. Mo-S3

    Mo-S3 Member

    ok, Is there a physical hole at the back of your engine? Do you know where the coolant is leaking from? If it was the head gasket then im sure you would have other performance problems as well and not just coolant leak, ie oil and water mixing.
    How many miles on your S3? Is it due for a cambelt/waterpump change?
  3. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    I would keep on with the it was fine before it overheated because of the badger and YOUR dodgy repair route - I'm pretty sure you'd get them to pay out in the end.

    Good luck getting it sorted!
  4. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    I say check head gasket, spark plugs. Might be a slight hairline crake between two cylinders.. gotta be worth a try.
  5. myrichdad

    myrichdad Member

    I haven't seen the car for a month, but I doubt there is a physical hole in the back of the engine. I would guess that if the head gasket has gone it will have gione from the waterway to the outside of the engine rather than to an oilway as there does not appear ot be any mxing.

    Plus if it is only leaking on cooling it implies that too....

    Chatted to slug this morning and if i get it back not sorted...I need ot check head and poss cylinder crack....don't they just pressure test for those faults?
  6. myrichdad

    myrichdad Member

    Is the standard first check for head gasket faults a pressure test on the cylinders??

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