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Absolute Beginners Guide to Tuning & Sound System Upgrade 2001 A3 1.8T

thecleverbit Apr 5, 2012

  1. thecleverbit

    thecleverbit New Member


    Yes, I have begun reading through the tuning guides and no it has not given me the answers I want!

    I have a 2001 1.8T Sport, but I want to make some specific improvements, namely stiffened suspension, remap and brakes (because mine are just scary!).

    I have had a chat with Austec in Crawley (as I work in Southampton Mon-Fri, but at weekends I live in Bristol)... They seem to think they can coax a few more horses out, and suggested changing the shocks (I don't want her lowered), then the brakes.

    Can anyone suggest any particular brakes or suspension components that they got on particularly well with? Also, is remapping good on its own or should I be doing anything else at the same time? I don't have buckets of cash but if its sensible to spend it in one go I will.

    I am trying to keep the car as understated as possible, but also want to change the sound system. Is there anyone who can recommend someone to do me a custom install? I used to go to Uplands in Bristol, but they recently closed down! I will be changing all the speakers, head unit and amping.


  2. Markeyboy

    Markeyboy Fan of the R-Tech!

    there are a few parts yoy can change tuning wise to extract a few extra horses from the remap,

    turbo intake pipe (TIP) is a worth while mod, a 3" downpipe with decat is also good for getting more power when mapped, both these parts are very restrictive and can be found relativly cheap on ebay,

    it all depends on what power you want to what mods to do,

    brake wise, brake callipers up front are the same as the s3, but you can upgrade the carriers and discs, this allows you to run 312mm discs insted of 288mm, noticeable improvements from doing this
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  3. Benjiman46

    Benjiman46 R-Tech Terrorist

    Welcome to Audi Sport Ben,

    For extra power, and reasonable modesty, I would recommend doing 3 things in this order;

    1. Silicone Turbo Intake Pipe (TIP) from forge or similar (Badger 5 TIP is not yet made for the KO3 turbo on the A3) coupled with a drilled and smoothed airbox with additional cold air feed and green cotton or K&N panel filter, or a cone filter with heat sheild.

    2. 3" turbo down pipe and (depending on funds) a decat/sports cat

    3. Remap. Do this last though so the remap can be tailored to your new mods to get the most out of your engine. You should see approximately a 40-50bhp gain IIRC

    As for audio, where abouts are you from? I can do a nice bit of audio work for you if you're local.

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