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  1. WHITEY_1

    WHITEY_1 Member

    Ok lads i got a samll problem with my Audi A4 1996 N 1.8
    When im driving the car sometimes my ABS Light comes and then my ABS stop working, when I stop the car and turn the ignition off it goes back off and all works properly again. Its been alright for 2 days but last night it did the same thing and this morning it was working o.k again. Is it the sensors? Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
  2. Lynas

    Lynas Member

    I would say get it checked out. The ABS is on it's own unit iirc... and they aint cheap.. could be a fault / broken wire, or unit about to give up the ghost
  3. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    This is exactly what happened to my A6 to start with. then after a couple of weeks it completely gave up the ghost. This is a common fault on audi's. On the a6 the stealer wants £1200 to replace. Audi do a repair kit for 450 but i dont know what that includes. Never been able to find out.

    The problem is purely electronic. Auto and truck electronics in florida do reverse engineering on these units for $250.


    My unit is going out with me in may. they do do worldwide as well.


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