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ABS Warning light

nemo2182 Jun 30, 2006

  1. nemo2182

    nemo2182 Member

    Does anyone know what things to try when getting this error. The car will start fine some days and i will drive to work happily with no probs. Then i can start car for return journey and the stupid ABS warning comes on!I lose ABS, but if i drive a couple of mins down the road and restart the car, warning goes away?????I have removed sensors and reset them with a slight gap. No change. Ive heard horror stories of £1000 for new ABS module, i want to sell the car, so do u not want to b spending out! ANy help would b appreciated.

  2. jiffi77

    jiffi77 Member

    I've just repaired the ABS Module on my Passat similar problem, I think it's a known issue with some of the Bosch ABS modules, I've got a set of instructions for the Passat repair, let me know if you weant a copy, Jeff.
  3. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    This affects various versions of the Bosch 5.3 abs system and is caused by a design fault in the tracks of the PCB.

    These guys re-engineer and retest the faulty units.

    If your ABS unit needs repairing try the following


    I used them this year a lot cheaper due to the exchange rates

    Pay the extra $50 for the lifetime guarantee

    The problem is a broken Power circuit in the unit which deterioates over time. the tell tale sign is that VAG com completely fails to talk to the internal systems until you pull the plug on the ABS ECU.

    I really cant fault these guys really prompt service. I got my riginal unit back and you only need to send the ECU not the pump assembly . Six torqs screws and alot of fifddleing later all done.

    I sent my unit over a week before my vacation they recieved it the monday I arrived and phoned me to say it was ready late monday. I sorted payment and was back with me thursday (mostly my delay not theres.)

    Fitted when i got home and been perfect ever since

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