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ABS warniing lamp on ... where do I start?

garybray Dec 3, 2003

  1. garybray

    garybray New Member

    I've just discovered that the ABS warning lamp on my urS4 had been 'doctored' at some time in the past. The relevant bulb-holder had been twisted in its' mount just enough to prevent it from coming on. And guess what! ..... once on ... it stays on! There's a fault somewhere.

    Where do I start to unravel the problem?
  2. Ram

    Ram Member

    Get a VAG-COM from www.vag-com.co.uk to identify where the fault lies - VAG-COM will tell you if a sensor is faulty and which one it is!

    You can then trace back from there - usually you can pull the ABS sensor from the upright, clean it and replace it.

    May even be simpler!

    Best wishes,


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