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ABS sensor replacement

vw754 May 22, 2009

  1. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    Front right abs sensor needs replacing so ive ordered a genuine one,how easy are they to replace,do i need car on the ramp? Big job?

    Also another thing the plug that clips into the sensor,broke off. Can the wire be replaced or is it better get a 2nd hand one off another a3 with plug attached and just solder the 2 wires.?

    8P A3 2.0 TDI
  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    jeeze, maybe it was the now broken connection that was the issue? At the hub end, corrosion may be your enemy - i'd soak the bolt with WD40 to help before trying to remove the bolt. If it feels like its going to chew or snap, I'd heat it - your replacing the sensor anyhow so it can melt LOL. Regarding the wiring - I'd follow it back & see where it connects to the rest of the loom and if possible buy new/2nd hand from there forward. ABS required specific ohms etc, repairing wiring is not recommended!

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